Education of Students with disabilities: Have we moved ahead?

Anita Ghai

(Associate Prof, Jesus and Mary College, Delhi University)


Located in the larger context of globalisation and the changes effected by it in the Indian education sector, the paper will explore the connection between disability and education. The situation, it argues, is too complex and the problems for the disabled child are exacerbated by the caste, class and gender variables. The state while formulating its policies for the education of the disabled children hardly looks at the larger context in which the children are located and therefore most of its programmes are restricted to mere tokenism. In such a situation, my submission is that, there is a   critical need to interrogate the way the issue   of disability   conceived by scholars who deal with issues of education.  It is significant that we cannot understand the educational scenario unless an effort is made to locate disability   within the political economy. The education of the disabled remains a contested site as it fights the twin forces of globalization as well as politics of normative hegemony unless we fight the Institutional disablism.